How Are You Adding Value to Your Company?

by Aliana Souder | Apr 10, 2017

One of the most important things you can do for your career while you are actively employed is documenting your wins. This information is critical to refer to as you go through the review process with your current employer, but also for when you are updating your resume in preparation of your next career move. So, take some time, maybe once every month or so, to really think about how you are adding value to your company, to your team, and to your projects. What is it that is unique about your skills and your experience that is providing a service that is simply unparalleled by your peers and coworkers? That is what future employers want to know.

Here are three questions to ask yourself to help identify exactly how you are adding value to your company.

What Goals Have You Accomplished?

Goal setting is an important part of success on the job. To show your manager how well you've done on the job, particularly if they are not actively managing you daily, you need to work together with your employer to set key goals for your time, then measure your success against those goals. Keep a record of your goals and the steps you have taken toward achieving those goals. When you have accomplished what you set out to do initially, think about what more you can do to provide value in your position. Because each goal you accomplish is a win for your career.

How Have You Impacted Your Company's Bottom Line?

When employers talk about value, often financial value is one of the first topics of conversation. By hiring an employee, they are investing in your success. They are counting on you to bring in more money than it costs to keep you employed. By tracking your financial contributions – sales, earnings, proposals won, new clients, etc – you are quantifying your value. As we all know, money talks in the world of business, so be sure you are recording your numbers to help your employer (and future employers) understand what value you are bringing to the table.

What Challenges Have Your Helped Your Team Overcome?

Your value to the team is something that is difficult to quantify, but certainly important to your contributions at work. Team synergy can make or break a business, so don't be afraid to toot your own horn when it comes to your team-building efforts. The emotional intelligence that is required of such accomplishments is of significant value to a business. Talk about your investment in the overall success of the group, whether you've trained or tutored a coworker to help bring them up to speed on a project. Have you gone above and beyond to make sure conflicting personalities have not hindered your success as a team? Have you stepped into the role of mentor for anyone of your coworkers? These "soft" skills are valuable and should be front and center in any conversation of your overall worth.

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